America (and Salon) still doesn’t know how to talk about rape

The title isn’t mine, I’ve shamelessly stolen it from this article on Salon written by Mary Elizabeth Williams.

It’s quite astounding that an article titled in such a way by Williams is so full of fail.

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And boys too…

A non-regular commenter on Feminist Critics wrote this:

In many (most/all?) countries there are more male teenage prostitutes than female teenage prostitutes. No one seems to know this, no one seems to care and no one advocates using resources to help them as opposed to the female teenage prostitutes.

Feminist Critics blogger ballgame asked for citations and I looked into it (the following is an amalgam of this comment at FC and this at The Good Men Project):

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Thugs raping thugs?

This is a comment I wrote on Alas, a blog in January 2012. It was a rebuttal to the claim that most sexual assaults on male victims in the US occur in prison in light of the recently published NISVS 2010 Report. I have added links to the BJS papers on prison rape.


Alon Levy:

…most sexual assaults on male victims in the US occur in prison.

That is just not true.

Approximately 1% of the US population is incarcerated (2009 numbers from Wikipedia article on Prison Rates). The statistics you referred to shows that appr. 1 in 20 (4.4%) prisoners reported sexual victimization in the last 12 months.
BJS states that this amounts to a total of 88.500 prisoners who were sexually abused in a year.


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