First Glimpse of NISVS 2012 Results

I have written quite a few posts about the NISVS 2010 and NISVS 2011 reports which found staggering number for male victimization of sexual violence – in particular in the “made to penetrate” category which for inexplicable reasons CDC buried by not categorizing it as rape.


CDC have recently published a fact sheet about sexual victimization among boys and girls under 18. The data is stated that is from the NISVS 2012 and are the first indication I’ve seen that the CDC continued with the NISVS after the one surveyed in 2011 (results were published in 2014).


The Fact Sheet is titled “Sexual Violence in Youth – Findings from the 2012 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey“.


The Fact Sheet listed a table containing key findings from the NISVS 2012:

NISVS 2012 Key Findings



One thought on “First Glimpse of NISVS 2012 Results

  1. These findings don’t make sense. It would be more accurate to report that 6% of girls and 2.5% of boys experienced rape. How could a study with numbers like these find boys who were raped but no attempts to rape them?

    Also taken in context these numbers paint an increasingly bizarre picture. With the NISVS for adult victims, men are just or more likely to be raped as adults but less likely to be raped as children than women?

    How do they locate these boys to survey them? Do the boys have to live at home or be at school to be contacted? Does the higher rate of incarceration and drop out affect the percentage of abused boys if they’re contacted at home or school?

    Also I have a personal request Tamen. A long time ago you mentioned a study in which husbands are more empathic to wives than the reverse on Feministcritics. Do you remember that study?

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