Rape – a human issue

I was very moved by this slam poetry piece titled “One Color” and found it very poignant. Please consider watching it, it’s only a bit over 3 minutes long.



Let’s stop gendering rape in an exclusionary way.



NISVS 2010 on Domestic Violence – what was left out and is it important?

This is a comment I left over at Ally Fogg’s blog in September:

One really ought to read the complete NISVS 2010 Report rather than quoting from it’s executive summary as there are certain omissions there. The finding that there is a parity between the number of women reporting rape and attempted rape and men reporting being made to penetrate or an attempt at such in the last 12 months are one such omission – due to space constraints according to CDC themselves.

Another one is regarding DV, or more specifically psychological aggression which includes expressive aggression and coercive control, as stated on page 10 in the report:

Psychological aggression, including expressive aggression and coercive
control, is an important component of intimate partner violence. Although research suggests that psychological aggression may be even more harmful than physical violence by an intimate partner (Follingstad, Rutledge, Berg, Hause, & Polek, 1990), there is little agreement about how to determine when psychologically aggressive behavior becomes abusive and can be classified as intimate partner violence. Because of the lack of consensus in the field at the time of this report, the prevalence of psychologically aggressive behaviors is reported, but is not included in the overall prevalence estimates of intimate partner violence.

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