When rape is not rape is not rape

The NISVS 2010 Report states the following in it’s executive summary:

Nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the United States have been raped at sometime in their lives, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration.

aside from the definitional issue (see When rape is not rape) where CDC decided that some rapes weren’t really rapes (rape is not rape) there were in addition some who “cited”the NISVS 2010 who decided that even CDC’s subset of rape for male victims wasn’t really rape (rape is not rape is not rape).

First out is Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel in an article about the then recently released NISVS 2010 Report – there she opened the article with:

Government officials are agog at the results of a survey that found that 1 in 5 women have been victims of rape or attempted rape

Further down in the article she wrote:

Men can be victimized by sexual assault, too; in fact, the survey of 16,000 Americans found that 1 in 71 men had experienced sexual abuse or rape,

Making “rape” turn into “sexual abuse or rape”.
Rape is not rape is not rape.

Another on is Health Access | YWCA (Health Access is a department of the YWCA of Seattle | King County | Snohomish County) who in a blogpost wrote:

  1. Domestic violence causes 3 deaths a day for women.
  2. 1 in 4 women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner.
  3. 1 in 5 women have experienced some form of rape.
  4. 1 in 71 men have been sexually assaulted.

Rape is not rape is not rape.

the University of Alaska Fairbanks Sun Star student paper who in an otherwise good article interviewing James Landrith wrote:

One in 71 men are victims of sexual assault in the United States, according to a 2010 Center for Disease Control’s Division of Violence national study on American adults.

Rape is not rape is not rape.

There are also a host of articles and blogposts who use the term sexual assault (and even sexual abuse) rather than rape for both the 1 in 5 women and the 1 in 71 finding of the NISVS 2010 – I list some of them in this comment at the Toysoldier blog as well as some in this comment at Feminist Critics.


8 thoughts on “When rape is not rape is not rape

  1. I am very concerned bout these tendencies. Tamen, what do you think causes this misrepresentation. I think it is rather disturbing.

  2. Yes, it is disturbing. Whether the Jezebel and YWCA articles are phrased this way intentional or just as product of ignorance and/or prejudices? I don’t know, but the end result is never the less the same, further marginalization of male rape victims.

  3. That attitude is reprehensible and ususally the people maintaining it have some motive for hanging on to it. It amazes me that you were able to change Futurelle’s mind on this. Good for you, good for him. Astonishing.

  4. A bit late (understatement of the year), but a reply nevertheless Ginkgo:

    I don’t think that I changed Futrelle’s mind. He was perfectly fine with telling me directly in his first comment to me that he didn’t consider what happened to me to be rape. That cost him nothing. A certain number of the regulars where of another opinion and I think his original stance became untenable for him. I am not sure whether he really have changed his mind or if he’s just placating his regulars – since that is something I cannot know I am content with him publicly stating that he has changed his mind. So again, I don’t believe I changed his mind. At best I was one (of perhaps several) catalyst for a series of comments which made him publicly state that he had changed his mind.

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