Questions asked, answers implied

Sometimes the question of the existence of, or rather the lack of reports of male rape and even male gang rape in media is raised. Often it’s implied by the one asking the question that the dearth of any such reports is because male rape is non-existing or rare. Like this “question” from one contributor/commenter at The Good Men Project:

If women were also gang raping young boys in enough measure to get this attention it would be visible and it would tell us something about how violence is taught and expressed.

Or this more blunt question asked on Reddit:

Haven’t really heard many stories about men being forced to fuck a woman, personally. Link me to say.. more than ten and I may start to believe this bullshit.

Here is my reply to the first one:

You don’t hear about it because it’s not called gang-rape when multiple women and girls are the perpetrators.

Case in point:

That case involved physically torture as well as rape (or “made him perform depraved sex acts” as it’s called here – see, I told you it’s not called rape – here the victim is the one who is performing sex acts). The girls got 4 to 2 years detention. What sentencing to you think the Steubenville defendants will get? I know at least one of the Cleveland defendants got life. Again, this sentencing disparity is confirmed by a feminist study which started out with a hypothesis that female sex offenders are sentenced more harshly – when they discovered they in fact are sentenced more lightly it’s called chivalry:

Do you remember the incident a few years back when a group of 8 grade girls attacked and stripped naked an 11-year-old boy while filming it ( The one which the police initially called “a prank” – not sexual assault. Eagle3x mentioned it in comments on TGMP a few times.

Again, not rape – but this time “sexual attack”:

This one from Australia (slow webpage) which also doesn’t call it rape:

Sometimes they are cheerleading or orchestrating the rape:

UK again, again not called rape – not least due to UK rape laws which requires the rapist to have a penis:

Not rape attempt even though they tortured him after he declined sex:

Australia again: (demanding to see penis, strip naked and use physical torture when denied)


I could go on and on… Please don’t imply it doesn’t happen.

And here is my reply to the second question:

The NISVS 2010 Report had a sample including 9259 men. 4.8% of these reported that they had been made to penetrate someone else and 79.2% of those again reported that the perpetrator was a woman. That make up (9259 x 0.048 x 0.792) 352 men reporting that they were made to penetrate a woman. 352 is a tad bit more than 10 I’d say.

And since you are unable to use Google, let me google that for you:,9506931 (several more in the comments there) (several more stories in the comments)—-Be-a-male-rape-victim/-/691232/1436252/-/12xdrrk/-/index.html

Summary: Several links to news stories about single women or groups of women sexually assaulting and/or raping men.

Citations: A paper published in the Feminist Criminology journal about the sentencing discrepancy between male (sentenced more harshly) and female sex offenders (sentenced less harshly):


2 thoughts on “Questions asked, answers implied

  1. Welcome Tulius,

    unfortunately it appear that I have to create a Facebook identity to comment on HuffPost. I am not inclined to do so now. Here is the comment I had prepared, if you like you could post it yourself:

    How about data from the Center of Disease Control and their National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. It can be found in full here:

    The CDC did not classify men being forced to have oral, vaginal or anal sex as rape unless the victim was the one being penetrated. They rather called that “being made to penetrate”. The full definitions can be read on page 17 in the report.

    I do consider being forced to oral, vaginal or anal sex to be rape. Hence, I’ll count victims of “being made to penetrate” as rape victims.

    If we look at lifetime figures we then get that appr. every 4th rape victim is a man (18.3% of women and 4.8% of men have been raped – tables 2.1 and 2.2 page 18-19).

    Considering that 79.2%(page 24) of the 4.8% of men reporting being made to penetrate someone else reported a single female perpetrator we can calculate that almost every 5th rape victims is a man raped by a woman.

    NISVS 2010 also reports numbers for the last 12 months 1.1% of women report being raped while 1.1% of men report being made to penetrate.

    For a list of links to individual media articles about female-on-male rape and female-on-male gang rape see my blog post here:

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